Do we live in a Post-Truth World?

After completing the second week of classes in D.C., I’ve seen a reoccurring theme with all the speakers.

There is this idea, which I believe to be true, that technology and social media has shaped the world into being less based in fact and in return has changed what the context of truth is.

Being a communication student, I thought truth was the same as factual truth and people actually seek factual truth in all they do. This obviously is not the case (ex. Donald Trump).
But I’m still stuck on this question, if someone truly believes what they’re saying or what they believe is the truth but it’s false…Then is it technically a lie?

I would like to think untrue and false is synonymous. But what if it’s someone’s self-truth and it’s still false?

Gerry Rice, IMF Communication Director, claims we are living in a “post-truth world.” I agree with the context of his statement because we are living in a world that is uninterested in the real truth, only the truth that benefits them. So I’d tweak it to say we are living in a post-fact world.

This is because people are not seeking to ground their own truth in facts which is where the problem arises. We, as a society, are okay with living in our own bubbles and echochambers. Our own truths are solidified in confirmation bias and our skewed opinions, not necessarily in facts.

Gerry Rice ended on a positive note and believes that “truth will make a come back.”

I believe truth will make a come back, when all media stops feeding into greed and covering the stories that are “sexy”  and wants to educate and inform their consumers. I believe truth will make a come back when society genuinely wants to be educated with well-rounded information and begins to questions their own biases and opinions.

Once society starts solidifying self-truths with facts, I’m also hopeful the real factual “truth will make a come back.”

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Everyone is not entitled to their own facts.”


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