The Pains of Traveling

Traveling is terrible. Let me clarify, the act of reaching a destination is unpleasant and this is what I mean by traveling. I absolutely love going different places and experiencing new things in different cities, states and countries but I hate what it takes to get to these places.

I believe I have the right to have this pessimistic attitude towards traveling because of all the traveling I’ve done that has turned sour. 

But still I, stupidly, was hopeful that my travels would go well this past Saturday. Why?

Because I was going to D.C., the Nation’s capital.

Source: trollytours

I was excited and energized that morning….until I got on the interstate. I was traveling from Lake Charles to New Orleans which is three hours on a good day. Well, Saturday obviously wasn’t a good day.

Originally, the plan was to leave my house at 7:30 because my flight was at 12:30. My mother and I both have this habit of running late and not sticking to the planned schedule so we always account for extra time, just in case. That being said, my mom and I left Lake Charles around 8:15. All was well, I would’ve still had an hour to spare at the airport which left me time for my baggage check and to get through TSA and make it to my flight on time.

So I thought.

Long story short, there were two detours and a wreck on the interstate from Lake Charles to New Orleans and it took almost fours hours to actually get to the airport.

So now, if you couldn’t guess, I was stressed and annoyed.

Source: Key and Peele

I was basically running to the United check-in area hauling two very large luggages. I knew everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. I didn’t care.

I arrived at check-in at 12:02.

Check-in ended at 12:00 and guess what? I was not allowed to check-in and missed my flight because of this.

Luckily, there was a connecting flight to Houston later that day that was flying into D.C. that night so I didn’t have to pay any fees to get a new flight.

Source: Adrienne Boutte

But that wasn’t the last of my problems, my luggage was overweight and to send it I would have had to pay almost $300 (which would’ve been more than the flight itself). I refused to pay the $300 for the luggage and so did my mother. 

At this point, I was livid. I did all that planning and packing but in the end it didn’t matter, I still missed my flight and couldn’t bring every thing I packed.

We spent half an hour taking out different clothing, strategically, from my luggage so there would be no overage fee. I was sad I couldn’t take everything I packed with me and in return felt unprepared for this month long trip.

I know in the end, I still made it to D.C. unharmed and am enjoying my time here which I am thankful for. 

But this story has now been added to my long mental list of unpleasant traveling experiences which I why I will continue to hate traveling: the act of reaching a destination.


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