“TigerShield” Soon to Sweep Across Campus

Captain Corey Lalonde of LSUPD speaking at a press conference about the new safety app

By Adrienne Boutte


On Tuesday morning, Captain Cory Lalonde from the LSU Police Department introduced that a new free app for all capable smartphones will be coming to the campus of LSU.

Possibly being called “TigerShield”, this app will give access to the both LSU and Baton Rouge Police departments and 911 services.

Students and faculty will be able to call the police by a quick touch to a panic button.

Another feature on this app will allow people to add their phone contacts to the app, in case of emergencies the app will shoot a text out to the pre-saved contacts.

Burglaries including electronics and bikes being the most common crime.

Also anonymous tips (with photos included) can be sent through the app.

This app is just “another tool in the toolbox” for the LSU Police Department. “I can’t tell you that crime won’t happen’, Captain Lalonde exclaims.

TigerShield will soon help to prevent and lessen crimes around LSU’s campus.

Captain Corey Lalonde speaking to the students of LSJI at the press conference held June 10th.


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